Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey, That's My Fish!

As many of my devoted readers would know (who am I kidding?) I enjoy well-played board games. I have lately found a few of note. Well, some from before, but more recently.

Here's a bit of a wish-list, not showing the games I already own, but ones that I want and plan to buy, when I have a good opportunity because they are simply games worth pursuit to buy, in my opinion.

Hey, That's My Fish!
Risk: Godstorm
Pit (How could I have forgotten Pit!)
Nuclear War
maybe Risk: LotR

Nuclear War is from the 60s, as I recall, and I played it in Tulsa.
Citadels, Carcassone, the two Risks, and Smallworld are newer games I first played in Tulsa, but I have also played them here in Carolina.

Since moving I have seen many games for the first time, but among those the most attractive to me at Hey, That's My Fish, Pit, and Ubongo

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