Sunday, February 7, 2010

"When things are going wrong..."

This is a line from a worship song sung by my friends at the Twelve Tribes (loooong story). that I heard a few weeks ago.

"When things are going wrong,
Remember the path you're on."

(Paraphrase; from memory)

This applies best to people who do have a core belief system, I would imagine, theological or philosophical or otherwise.

When I first heard this part of the aforementioned song, I wanted badly to cling onto the wisdom I felt was inherent. Then, it slipped from my mind, only to return just now. So i felt I better post while the getting is good ;-)

I don't even have to make any trite remarks. If you (O Gentle Reader) are at all a self-examining person, you've already begun to think. If not, then it doesn't matter what I say or post, does it?

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