Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness movie review

Actually, if I was blogging chronologically, I really ought to blog my review of Pacific Rim or Monster University first, but I wanted to get this one out-of-the-way ASAP so I can watch and/or read other reviews with my own unadulterated thoughts put down already. Once seen, such things cannot be unseen. That's your deep thought for moment. I really can't wait to see what Mr. Plinkett says about Star Trek 2. His movie reviews are outstanding, although I do not know if Plinkett is one man, many, a fictional person, a pseudonym(s), or what.


I enjoyed all three movies, although my order of the three I mention would be: Pacific Rim, Monster University, Star Trek

I haven't been to many movies this year, or any year lately. All by itself, the fact I made the effort to see it in the theater was a compliment. I did not go to see the previous Star Trek, and it took me awhile (and a change in my thinking) to finally watch it.

The newest Star Trek movies basically got the Lost in Space movie treatment. Or Starsky and Hutch. Or the Beverly Hillbillies. They are not sequels to the original, or even remakes strictly speaking, but nostolgia-driven pop-culture-appealing gimmick-prone inspired-by entertainment-experiences.

To say that a movie with Kirk-Spock-McCoy and phasers and Klingons is good ol' Star Trek again is like saying my original Nintendo Star Trek 30th Anniversary game was right on par with the series in entertainment-genetics. Hey, the game was fun, with Harry Mudd, Saurian brandy, and Romulan birds-of-prey shooting at you (or threatening to). True to the classic series, I even learned to take along a few redshirts whenever bad guys were around.


I enjoyed the movie, but on terms of a fun sci-fi movie. It certainly was not bad. And I have seen some bad sci-fi movies, recently and in the past, so I am grateful for that.

So, in no partcular order, my gripes.
Khan crying, Spock crying, Kirk crying
Khan's defeat was not because of his 20th Century 2-Dimensional thinking, but rather a rather silly mistake (owing to a underestimation of Spock).
Khan was not Indian (tan-skinned), but this is understandable in light of tan-skinned terrorists in movies being a delicate proposition
Scotty not being replaced with an experienced Starfleet engineer (while docked at Earth for goodness sake! This was the most stupid part of the whole movie, except maybe the crying)

My compliments:
Carol Marcus showing up for perhaps more than one movie.
The idea that Khan and Carol Marcus are in this universe suggest boundless gimmick possibilities (wouldn't it be fun if Dax, Harry Mudd, and Gary Seven show up?).
The cameo of Leonard Nimoy's Spock
The unexpectedness of the Kirk-radiation plot twist
The reappearance of the peerless Captain Pike

I expect I will think of more, but let me get this posted.


  1. i haven't seen it yet, but i don't mind movie spoilers, especially this late in the going. i liked the first of these just fine, although i share your view that it's not the star trek we used to know. i'll see this once i come across the dvd used at a good price, but i wish they had been truer to the original characters if they were going to use the original characters.

    and i'm so sick of khan i could scream!

  2. For now, I'm watching a Mr. Plinkett spin-off review, "Half in the Bag"

    It beings with non-spoilers, then has an elaborate spoiler alert which is good for the one's who (like me a few days ago) ad not seen it.

    In the first few minutes, they already have excellent comments:
    One I love is calling this movie "Star Trek: The Fast and the Furious" hahaha I'm going to borrow that.
    2) the movie is not very different in plot points than the original movie: Spock gets emotional, some dude out for revenge...
    3) The new Spock (Quinto) is angry/angsty, rather than collected like Nimoy. (I personally think he played Hero's Siler a bit too long.)

  3. Oh, I found these YouTube reviews of the classic Nintendo video game I mention, Star Trek 25th Anniversary


    And Mr. Plinkett has a Pacific Rim review! Yea!