Monday, June 17, 2013

Acer laptop black/blinking screen -- urgh

I'm gonna try to fix it myself, but not sure if the problem is simple enough for that.
I've already tried what I they call a power drain (removing battery and trying to start up without power)

Next up: RAM stick removal.

There are definately a few things I think I can do BEFORE I give up at take it to a repair person at the flea market.

A lot of these videos suggest trying an external monitor as a test, and using a USB external drive to bring over files downloaded from the Acer website. I don't have fancy stuff like that.

(Come to think of it, maybe I should look on Acer's website before YouTube)

This was a pretty good video
And this show the same things, but more angles from a different guy


  1. Okay,, changing out the RAM sticks didn't do any good, but I was a bit pleased I could manage to do it.

    I used the "test" recommended in the video and used a bright light on the screen, and I could faintly see the icons. This means my screen gets signal (and the computer works) but the screen is malfunctioning somehow, most likely a faulty inverter which I will need to change.

    I do not know where to get one. That is my next challenge, although I don't expect it to be hard (RadioShack seems a good guess). Replacing the part is a video on YouTube I have already seen, and it doesn't seem too tricky.

  2. He he I went to a computer fix-it store today and they'll sell me one for $10. I didn't have my laptop model number, so they responsibly didn't want to sell me one.

    Tomorrow I will take my laptop with me into town, and hopefully fix it in the store front. I guess they will be open Saturday. I need to remember to call.


    The right guy wasn't at the store yesterday, so I am going back today, in just a moment.

    I need to check the "pin" before I spend any money.
    The front counter guy said my LCD looked a bit cloudy when it shut off, and that might mean a $120 repair bill. I hope not.

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