Tuesday, July 3, 2012

book preorder: Exiles of Kho

After receiving and loving Gods of Opar, I decided to order the unpublished further book the author is writing (a prequel, actually) called Exiles of Kho. It will be a novella, and right now has an unreleased page count, which honestly concerns me since I have already preordered. Nonetheless, I am very excited! http://meteorhousepress.com/exiles-of-kho/ As I have said before, this author is new to me and not widely known in general circles, from what I can tell. But he seems to be a good writer, and I am pleased I gave him the chance I did when I ordered Gods of Opar slightly on faith. The cover art (and perhaps other art) is impressive and worthy of note, and suggests this will be a very handsome volumn. Carey is not Farmer, and his writing style is subtly different. It's not terribly noticible, and yet I did notice it. His attitude towards mysticism and magic and religion seem to be different, as seem in Song of Kwasin. I am disappointed by at least one thing wich is a matter of taste. I am not a fan of the Sahhindar character, and he will be a central figure in the story. But that's my taste; other readers seem to be thrilled that Sahhindar is well-represented. I am thowing in the labels "xenomorph" and "kaijuology" because of the sirrush, a conjectural prehistoric reptile of crocodilian proportions. The sirrush (trnslated from Assyrian meaning 'Splendor Serpent') is also known as "The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate" and is a creature of legitimate if unproven credentials. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mushussu In fact, I wonder if there are any other fiction books that include a living sirrush. I would not be suprised either way.
Interesting: http://phantomsandmonsters.wetpaint.com/page/Sirrush+of+Babylon Another book I am really interested in: The Other Log of Phileas Fogg This link is especially interesting: A Very Long Letter by PJFarmer. also, Iron and Bronze and also, http://www.violetbooks.com/haggard-pringle.html


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