Monday, May 14, 2012

Sauratown Mountains of North Carolina

Like many mountain ranges in the North Carolina (and anywhere else with mountains) small ranges are often poorly understood or even unknown by those living quite nearby. The Sauratown Mountains (locally pronounced "sour town")definitely fall into this category. Adding to the confusion there is a the Sauratown Mountain, besides the other well-known Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountains. These are all part of the same small chain, although many locals have no idea. (In all truth, does it much matter to most people when looking at one of the spectacular viws?) I myself had no idea until I saw a sign at Hanging Rock State Park in the last few years.
I would encourage a person to also look at the Brushy Mountains, the Uwharries, and the South Mountains.

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  1. They are not pronounced "sour" but rather "sorrow" after the Saura Indians.