Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what have you read by Edgar Allen Poe?

I came across something interesting recently, and I suspect it's a shame that I've missed it.

According to Wikipedia: "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (1838) is the only complete novel written by American writer Edgar Allan Poe. The work relates the tale of the young Arthur Gordon Pym, who stows away aboard a whaling ship called the Grampus. Various adventures and misadventures befall Pym..."

The story used the Hollow Earth aka Symmes theory, accepted as possible at that time of Victorian science. The Hollow Earth theory was also incorporated into other works of Vicorian science fiction, such as Edgar Rice Burrough's At the Earth's Core.

Also according to Wikipedia, the award-winning nonfiction book Lands Beyond is "a 1952 study of geographical myths by L. Sprague de Camp and Willy Ley" that further describes the mistaken assumptions of early science.

printable Pym?

and one of many reviews:

By the way, P-O-E is not a word in the English language when trying to play Scrabble. Zelda, you misled me!

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