Thursday, September 23, 2010

Job hunt links and useful tips I've collected

And a small update: nothing to report. So far. I appreciate all the well-wishes, though.

I will post more here in a sec. But until then, I appreciate the well-wishes.

I have found some useful links, and I will post these.

I have also heard some useful pieces of advice, and I also would like to post these.
Get on LinkedIn.
I haven't had any luck from that quarter myself, but it seems like a good idea, and moreover gives me confidence, which I can sure use. Moreover, it gives me the appearance of professionalism that I could point to.
When you descibe yourself, don't talk about WHO you are but rather WHAT you can do for that employer. For instance, despite my varied experience and credentials, the most important thing I should say is "I will ensure that your customers have a good experience." That's more or less what I have done in pretty much all my jobs, even when I wasn't primarily working with people.
Accomplishments: distinguish yourself from other canidates with similar past titles.
Get a CPR and/or First Aid credentials, easily available thru such as Red Cross, and pretty cheap and pretty easy to get. The sad truth is that no one has to be all that good at CPR to get the certificate. But it looks very good.

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