Friday, April 2, 2010

politics in America

I still think presidential elections should be a boxing match on Pay-per-View, or perhaps a more bloody alternate sport.
But then the Presidency might devolve to mere boxing champs.
So, how bout a rotating method of election, picked at random from a hat by a blindfolded monkey chosen at random from the National Zoo? There's a reason we have a National Zoo, y'know.
So, dueling and boxing are two methods, Scrabble a third, standardized testing (i.e. SAT), poker, and ooh a week or more of primitive survival in Alaska. Eating nuts and berries and raw fish, and seeing who survives the experience. Talk about exposure!
Of course, actual partisan debate and vote taking would be one of the rotating alternatives, so the presidents would have to be experienced politicians.
And, to include a level of democracy, of course we vote in primaries and such.

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