Tuesday, December 15, 2009

whether weather

Commenting on the weather differences in North Carolina (where I grew up and where I live now) versus Tulsa, Oklahoma (where I lived for nearly 4 years until recently)

We had quite a fog this morning, and yesterday morning. A white-out after just a few feet down the road. We NEVER had fogs like this in Oklahoma (that I saw). I imagine the winds off the plains blew any away moisture like that.

And speaking of wind, it was such a still morning: no breeze at all. Again, that NEVER happened in Oklahoma. In fact, when I moved back to Carolina it took WEEKS before I felt an Oklahoma-quality stiff breeze, and that was a very very rare event.

On the other hand, in North Carolina we're not used to thunder that rattles your teeth and sets of car alarms.

What's it like where you are?

Oh, and If we had a castrated ram who acted differently according to climatic conditions, it'd be case of whether weather wether.

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  1. We had a surprise snow a week ago here in Texas. Really surprising. I hadn't seen snow since I left Ohio.