Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Declaration of Intent

I dunno, I just feel it's a good way to start. The Declaration I mean. Maybe 'declaration' is too strong a word. 'Elucidation' perhaps?

I entitled this blog an 'Operation' for a specific reason, coupled with a rather whimsical secondary impetus as well (I considered saying I had a 'good reason' for my nomenclature, but it would be imprudent of me to assign my own ... erm, prudence).

You may have noticed by now that I have a distinct proclivity for verbosity and revel in it to some degree. I have been charged with being uncommonly rude to my linguistic inferiors, but it's not really about that, although I entertain no illusions about the effect I radiate to the various Philistines I come in contact with. (I wonder, when used in this sense, should I capitalize Philistines or no? Oh well...) Indeed, it is my distinct hope that many gentle readers who grace my blog with their attention are in the position to educate me. I sincerely believe that on certain points that is always the case, more with some than with others. Part of the reason I talk as I do and write as I do is that I find new words to be fun. I read challenging literature partly for that reason. Many people do not enjoy a lifelong learning process, and yet many others do. Additionally, composition and oral communication both have a poetic aesthetic that I find pleasure in. Of course, on the off-chance I have readers, they will probably be bloggers themselves, in which case they will already understand what I mean.

Okay, back to my topic du jour. In addition to my proclivity towards verbosity, I seem to also possess a rather large capacity for rambling. I apologize.

Anyway, I call this an 'Operation' rather than a specific label because I have so many varied interests: Natural history, literature (challenging and light reading -- and occasionally challenging light reading), zoology, science fiction and fact, biographical treatments, historiography, kaijuology, theology, board gaming, etymology, and my patented philosophical rants entitled Persistant and Developing Theories of the Universe (PDTUs). I occasionally throw in a personal anecdote or two as well.

I fear I am testing the patience of any hapless soul who wanders thus far, so allow me to conclude without finishing the entirety of my explanation of purpose. I get online rather infrequently, and even then my foci are erratic. How often I update this blog, and how thoroughly, is uncertain at best. I will refer you to my MySpace page (Goodness! that's as redundant as Mount Kilimanjaro!),

Also, I am learning how to use this thing: cut me a lil' slack.

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